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Quadra Hygiene Station - WS1700

Quadra Hygiene Station - WS1700

Price: 695.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

The Quadra Is a wall mounted, all stainless steel cleaning station. Designed to Facilitate single user operation, to deliver your key daily cleaning requiremnts, all from the convenience of one location.

Two Seperate Chemicals are Drawn from drums below the unit. The precentage of chemical is determined by the metering tip installed to correspond with the required dosage rate.

Key Points

-2 Models

- Medium Pressure (15 - 50 Bar)

- High Pressure (50 - 150 Bar)

-One Water Inlet and one water outlet ensures no fuss operation

-Air Supply Required to boost foaming chemical

-Virtually Maintenance Free as there are no perishable seals in contact with neat chemical

4 Handle Operated positions

-Air Assisted Foam

-Clean Water Rinse


-Closed off

*Available Trolley Mounted*

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