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  • Hoses - Standard and Long Life
  • Washdown Guns
  • Lances and other attachments
  • Low/Medium pressure - high flow equipment
  • Couplings
  • Hose Clamps & Clips
  • Foam, fog and chemical equipment
  • Washdown Clothing
  • Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners
  • Hose storage equipment
  • Burner Coils And Components
  • Interpump
  • Unloader valves
  • Vikan Hygiene Equipment
  • Fittings
  • Nozzles
  • Valves
  • Pressure washer spares and components


Washdown Supplies |  Nozzles

Turbo Nozzles

The turbo nozzle head will dramatically improve the performance of any cleaner and provide great deep clean results. Various nozzle sizes suitable for any pressure washer. Please contact us with your machine details for assistance with choosing of nozzle sizes.

The nozzle head has a 1/4" bsp female thread which will screw on to most lances. If you have a Karcher machine we can supply an adaptor to fit your lance end.

Jets for high pressure usage

Popular sizes listed for most high pressure cleaning applications all sizes are available up to 80 deg spray pattern

Vario Spray Nozzles

When twisted these nozzles change the width of the spray pattern, from wide fan to pencil jet. When pushed forward low pressure can be acheived mainly for the application of chemical when using an injector

1/4" Thread. Max Pressure 200 bar. Max temp 150'C.

Drain Jets

A range of drain clearing Jets that are easily fitted to a drain jetting hose.

Mini quick release nozzles

Coloured mini plug in nozzles available in the set or individually. Please note the similarity between these and plug in nozzles for Low pressure systems, available in the Low/Medium pressure section

Jets for low pressure usage

Popular sizes listed. Every other jet size available on request. For low pressure plug in nozzles (red, yellow, blue, green) please visit the low/medium pressure section

Washdown Supplies |  Nozzles

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